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How do I Hire?

There are two ways to a hire a professional. You can either click on the “Hire a Professional” or “Broadcast” Button. If there are no available professionals based on your search criteria, we recommend that you use the “Broadcast” button which reaches a broader audience. A list all available Healthcare Professionals are displayed based on your search criteria. Click the “Book Now” Button. Once the offer is accepted, you will receive a confirmation notification

How do I input a shift request?

In the menu, select “Hire a professional”. You can either use the search button to view Available Healthcare Professionals” input all necessary information: Role, Date, (single day or multi days), Start and End Time, Add important details in the comments (site contact, site information, allocate breaks and service location

How do I get contact information for a Healthcare Professional?

Due to privacy, we don’t disclose contact information, However, you can use the Call/Text functionality on the App to contact our Healthcare Professionals

Can I block a Healthcare Professional?

Yes! you can use “Remove” button on your menu page and the concerned Healthcare Professional will not be able to see your broadcast

How can I cancel a shift?

We require a minimum of 24h hour notice for shift cancellation to avoid penalty. If you cancel a shift within a 24-hour window, there is a 4-hour minimum to compensate the healthcare Professional for clearing their schedule.

When does my credit card get charged?

We charge your credit card once a shift is completed. You have 48 hours to dispute the charge on your invoice before it defaults to a charge. When a shift is requested, your credit card is pre- authorized for the total number of hours plus applicable service charges

What is the standard service fee?

Our service fees are 20% if paid by credit card. Please note: Credit cards must be on file for pre-authorized in order to qualify for 20% of the service fee. We charge 30% for “Pay Later” payment by cheque /EFT.

Can I view my invoice before my credit card is charged?

Yes! Invoices are visible in the Billing section on your menu. 

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